The Smarty-pants Sleuth

In response to dem bones. By The Blog Propellant


Have you heard of the smarty-pants sleuth

She pretends to be dumb and uncouth

Like a dog with a bone

She won’t leave sharks alone

She just smiles and uncovers the truth


7 thoughts on “The Smarty-pants Sleuth

  1. Lola – I want to tell you that you did everything you are supposed to do, and then some, to pingback to a post, but it didn’t work. Something is amiss with your settings, or your site. It happens. I encourage you to contact WP Help via the link I sent you and ask them to figure out what is wrong. Oh, and by the way, loved your response! 😉


    1. Ok , thank you. One more thing – if it’s not too much trouble, could you send me that link again – family visiting this weekend – no time to hunt for it. Otherwise I’ll do it next week. THANK YOU for your continued help. 🙂


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