The Angst of Relinquishment

Haiku Horizons Prompt: “SWING”

Lady swinging on swing

back and forth she swings

in the haze between “yes” and “no”

afraid to choose



BOY ON Stairs.
The Secret Keeper Weekly Writing Challenge:

(5) Words: | RIGHT | ARROW | HEAR | CHILD | GOOD

he always felt

the arrow’s pierce

right before he heard the

zinging words that wounded

and shamed,

words that will not

dare to defile the pure

goodness dwelling within

every child’s heart


To Trust and Allow


I asked for a miracle    
but it wasn’t granted        
or so I thought

Turns out                         
I didn’t recognize it,         
so certain was I of     
how it would look  

Turns out
the Universe upgraded       
to a newer version       
perfect for me         

Turns out
I am again awestruck by    
the power of trusting     
and allowing   



The Ring

   5 Word Story Prompt:   OPEN | ROCK | RING | ACT | LETTER 


on her
favorite rock
she sat, tablet open
penning an act of kindness from
her heart

the ring
enclosed with her
letter, shattered his love
rendering her words more cruel
than kind

The Secret Keeper