A Crying Shame


Writing 201 Day 3: Skin, Prose Poem, Internal Rhyme

The problem is she’s got no skin in the game, which is
a crying shame,
’cause she’s got the talent, but she’s
flat-out lazy and her goals are hazy,
so her agent fires
her, now no one’s gonna hire her,
she’s stubborn and
she’s young,
thinks she knows it all ’cause her mommy’s
flush with money
going straight to her little honey, then
she parties every night, ruining her
name and any
chance for fame, but the
saddest thing of all, one day
she’s gonna wake up with just herself to blame,
yep, you’d better believe it,
it’s a crying shame.

11 thoughts on “A Crying Shame

    1. Ben suggested some rap lyrics for us to read as an example – I didn’t do that but I guess I got into a groove of some sort when writing … ! 🙂

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