The Ring

   5 Word Story Prompt:   OPEN | ROCK | RING | ACT | LETTER 


on her
favorite rock
she sat, tablet open
penning an act of kindness from
her heart

the ring
enclosed with her
letter, shattered his love
rendering her words more cruel
than kind

The Secret Keeper


Tuesday, Tuesday – Two Quotes


“All they want to do is

tie the poem to a chair with a rope

and torture a confession out of it.

They begin beating it with a hose to 

find out what it really means.”

Billy Collins

“Be good natured

and untidy

in your exuberance.”

Mary Oliver

The Child Adapts






to see or not to see
that was the question

to speak or not to speak
that was the answer

I tried not to see
but my eyes got
in the way

so I sat in silence
with the elephant
in the middle of
the room

and looked with my
eyes as my parents
dosed off in their
status quo


dared not
dream of
their misery



The Lady Persuades


Do I have to come down there and
drag all of you spoiled, know-it-all
neener-neener, blaming, shaming
name-calling, out of control kids
across your torn up playground
force you to stand up, shut up
buck up, wake up, clean up
your collectively cringe-worthy
acts and repair the ravaged 
remains of your once
respected playground?

Is that what you want?

I didn’t think so.
Damn politicians!