Irish Roots

RonovanWrites Haiku Prompt: “Twist” and “Shout” (or synonyms)

gnarled tree roots contort  

anchored to earthly mother

ancient winds bellow

Yew Tree, Blarney Castle Grounds
Blarney, Cork, Ireland

Image Attribution: Andy Beecroft
weekly haiku poetry challenge #140

Beyond The Trees (in exactly 52 words)

The Blog Propellant Picture Prompt: In exactly 52 words, write a story or poem inspired by the image.


Too bright
or too dark
I long to see
beyond the

Resplendency can blind
So if you don’t mind
I’ll avert my eyes
Till the brilliance

When that perfect slice
Of dark and light
Clears the haze
My eyes shall raise

To finally see
what beauty lies
beyond the