A Short Tale Loosely Based on a Short Tale

My humble attempt at satirical relief from the current events of life:


The emperor has no clothes
As all can plainly see
Save those who downed the Kool-aid
Laced with party tea

He speaks in raucous riddles
Stokes fires of fear and rage
Deepening the great divide
Turning the next page

We’re surely being hoodwinked
On this I’ll place my bet
Hang on to the crazy train
This  ride’s not over yet

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Hunky Bunny’s Excellent Tale

bunny-man cropped     


The biggest break of his career.
What could go wrong?
What could go right?

Modeling the rabbit ears was less than a thrill
Still he sauntered onstage with his trademark chill
The runway appeared much longer than he thought
His head mask was pinching tighter than it ought
A scratch in his throat turned wildly itchy
His lips-a-swelling began to get twitchy
Wheezing in his lungs, breaths shallow and craggy
His well-toned legs, wet-noodled and draggy
He finally collapsed at runway’s conclusion
Dragged off with great haste
in head-bouncing

Hunky Bunny strode proud and tall
Hunky Bunny had a great fall
Allergic to wool, they ripped off his attire
Giving the critics that much more
To admire

(Alternate Ending #1)
He survived his near death
And met fame the next morning
She showed up at dawn
With no hint of a warning
She moved herself in
With her entourage of spin
Book deals, photographs
Interviews galore
He slid under the covers
Give me ten minutes more

(Alternate Ending #2)
He survived the ordeal
And followed fate’s call
International Super Model
Beloved hero to all
The critics still love him
Worldwide fan base does too
He never stopped dreaming
Nor should

*With a grateful nod to
Humpty Dumpty 

Thanks to TBP for this oldie and goodie picture prompt!  The Blog Propellanttpb_logo_link


The Unusual Lives of Dust Bunnies



A special breed of fluffy and soft 
each one unique in shape and girth
with huge families that grow super fast,
sometimes overnight

sometimes in half an hour
sometimes in a few minutes
they’ve been known to speed-multiply
in an instant right before your
eyes, or so it seems

to some

One day you might find that
they are all gone, every one of them
disappeared, vanished, poof!
bye-bye dust bunnies
nice knowin’ ya’
most likely, the whole tribe hitched
a ride on a vacuum cleaner to visit
another room for a change of scenery,
they actually indulge in this
boredom-busting activity 
quite often

When word gets out
that there’s something good going on
in the southwest corner of the kitchen
behind the fridge
you’ll see a whole line of dust bunnies
along the wall waiting
to get in

If it takes too long,
they may risk their lives and have a party
for all to see, right smack in the
middle of the kitchen  
even though many an errant dust bunny’s
demise has occurred while entangled  
in the thrust of an angry broom
on that very floor

Scientists find dust bunnies a fascinating
but it’s best not to explore the results
of their research too closely,
the clinical term “icky” is used liberally
on every page of their published papers
and this appears to be upsetting
to some
you have now been dutifully
warned . . .   

The two most important facts to remember
about dust bunnies are these:

They will always come back.

And they will always multiply, multiply
multiply, multiply, multiply
and multiply
again .  .  .  .  .   



Playing Haiku With Shadows


shadows taunt elders
cruel reminders of what was
they’re not having it

shadows haunt elders
sad reminders of what was
they’re not having it

shadows flaunt elders
fun reminders of what was
they’re not having it

this image is sad
please, no happy spin today
let’s let sad be sad

Ginger Rogers and
Fred Astair, look at them there
still shadow dancing

they walked, talked and balked
then went their separate ways
shadows still dancing



The Uncloseted Ones

Thur Picture Prompt #34: The Eve of All Hallows’ Eve


Twenty years we were in their closet

When one day she forgot to lock it

We skedaddled right out

Destination no doubt

Our old make-out bench and we rocked it

We used to adore hot nights in this park

Outrageous parties erupting after dark

When guygirl turned husbandwife

And hid their past partying life

On a long closet stint we embarked

Now that we skeletons are free

What happens next, we’ll

Have to wait and see

Won’t we




Mr. Perfection – A Multiple Choice Limerick sans Enjambment

madrid-328117_1280Writing 201 Day 4: Imperfect. Limerick. Enjambment.


He, who called himself “Mr. Perfection”

Has earned a most shame-filled rejection

From the big boys upstairs

For sleazy office affairs

They now call him Mr.  ___________________


please *


Red Pill, Blue Pill – I Prefer Masticating

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Red Pill, Blue Pill.” If you could get all the nutrition you needed in a day with a pill — no worrying about what to eat, no food preparation — would you do it?


life without mastication

defies contemplation

munching, crunching, 

chewing, chomping

bite, grind

nibble or gnaw

stimulate the juices

work that jaw

smell it, taste it

feel the texture 

pleasure growing

measure for measure


here it comes 

the ultimate prize

that sublimely



or     take     a     pill


Sweeping Motions – You Asked, I Delivered

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt:“Sweeping Motions.” What’s messier right now? Tell us how and why it got to that state.


Her computer’s desktop:

perfectly spaced icons all in a row

folders filled with cluttered files

of what, she does not know

so, how and why

did it get to this state?

something to do with mama

and potty training trauma

with white diapers, perfectly clean

and mommy being awfully mean

when they overflowed with

a big bad smelly mess

childhood distress

anger repressed

so now she defies 

that maternal image

with perfect folders on the

outside and dirty, dirty, dirty

on the inside

and …

oh, dear … please excuse me

Doctor Freud has arrived 

for my daily couch


ta-ta for now .  .  .