Your Cabin in the Woods

Weekly (5) Word Story Prompt: | SCORE | SLEEP | FREE | CALM | ESCAPE |



into calmness

sleep freely with nature

no one is tallying your score

no one

The Secret Keeper


Irish Roots

RonovanWrites Haiku Prompt: “Twist” and “Shout” (or synonyms)

gnarled tree roots contort  

anchored to earthly mother

ancient winds bellow

Yew Tree, Blarney Castle Grounds
Blarney, Cork, Ireland

Image Attribution: Andy Beecroft
weekly haiku poetry challenge #140

The Ornament Ordeal~A True Tale


When I was four years old
and trimming our tree
I put a red ornament
in my mouth to see
if it would fit
it did

Though I tried to remove it
I couldn’t, it wouldn’t
budge lest I broke it
which I didn’t

It was Crisco’s taste
and the look on mommy’s face
that impressed me most
when she eased it out
and did not shout 

at me
no, she didn’t

Image: Pixabay