Irish Roots

RonovanWrites Haiku Prompt: “Twist” and “Shout” (or synonyms)

gnarled tree roots contort  

anchored to earthly mother

ancient winds bellow

Yew Tree, Blarney Castle Grounds
Blarney, Cork, Ireland

Image Attribution: Andy Beecroft
weekly haiku poetry challenge #140

The Ornament Ordeal~A True Tale


When I was four years old
and trimming our tree
I put a red ornament
in my mouth to see
if it would fit
it did

Though I tried to remove it
I couldn’t, it wouldn’t
budge lest I broke it
which I didn’t

It was Crisco’s taste
and the look on mommy’s face
that impressed me most
when she eased it out
and did not shout 

at me
no, she didn’t

Image: Pixabay 

Beyond the Pale: A Nice Girl’s Tale

Limerick Poetry Challenge week 47: “Tell Me A Story”


At the Pub Out Beyond the Pale
Raucous revelry did prevail
She entered the din
Though t’was a great sin
As she downed her first taste of ale

Pounding music and lively dancing
The sweaty young men came romancing
She dipped and she twirled
In this fun new world
Like a dream it was oh, so entrancing

He asked, may I offer you another?
A much stronger ale than the other
Yes, thank you, she said
Then she yanked her head
At the yells of her older brother

How dare you come into this place!
His voice bellowed and filled up the space
Ma and Pa are mad
So mad you’ll be glad
To start praying for mercy and grace

To the nunnery she was sent
Further wickedness to prevent
Regrets, she had none
For one night of fun
There was plenty of time to repent!

Mind and Life Matters Limerick Challenge