Herewith, I offer up stories, poems, snippets of life lived, living now, and yet to live. Some stories that look and act like poems, some fiction, some non-fiction, but mostly unnamed hybrids that emerge from that mysterious place of “who knows where.”

You won’t find a lot of attention paid to writing genres or categories or labels. I am infinitely more fascinated with content than context. What you will find are seeds of truth, both personal and universal and everything in between. Truths that you already “know,” whether you “know” it or not. This, sprinkled with a keen appreciation for the absurdity of life and its most potent antidote, humor!

My best hope is that my words might evoke the recognition of what is real and true for your self and the world we are all creating.  ENJOY!

Veracity: The quality or character in persons of speaking or stating the truth; habitual observance of truth. Also, conformity to accuracy or precision. Usage dates back to 1623. Synonyms: authenticity, credibility, honesty, exactitude, trustworthiness. Oxford English Dictionary