A Little Lightness


no matter how far
he elbowed his way up the
corporate ladder

whenever he sat
at his massive desk, in his
custom leather chair

he felt five-years-old
his first day in Miss Kelly’s
Kindergarten class

he wondered if anyone
ever noticed


6 thoughts on “A Little Lightness

  1. the inner child has a way of showing up at the wrong time.

    reminded me of a time when the non-profit i worked for made me join a local rotary club, and sitting there at the round table of eight folks at 7 in the morning, I always felt like they were looking at me and thinking “you belong at the kiddie’s table, not here with us adults.” or something to that effect. 🙂

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  2. I LOVE THIS!! I was deprived of Kindergarten, but I probably still feel like a First Grader many days…and the closest I get to “the ladder” is my step stool to reach recipe ingredients from the cupboard 🙂

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