Being Eight Years Old

TBP’s Cubing Stories Prompt

Cube2 img_1876

I had a pet turtle
Who crooned like a loon
Every night we sang
To the moon
To the moon

We built a small tepee
In the yard, rough hewn
Played with toy arrows
Through the month of Β June

Shooting apples so ripe
Mushy shreds were strewn
Eviction note came
Very soon
Very soon

TBP’s Cubing Stories #2


13 thoughts on “Being Eight Years Old

    1. Matt – No, I have never had that experience. BUT, if you write about it, I will – because that’s how you write! The more I read you, and re-read your stories, especially with your “Sally” book, I’m realizing how “immersive” your stories are – it’s both in the words that you choose and the energy behind the words. Your recent post about the barn is a great example of this, as is the “cooking breakfast” story I was happy to see you re-post. πŸ™‚


      1. Thank you, Lola. I’ve been so busy with Gavin and life that I haven’t mad time to sit and develop a new story to submit. But, I have three and I need to focus, yet again, on sending them out. It’s easy for me to happily let days pass when I’m with the family I wished to have for so many years. Thank you for the support, I appreciate it.


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