A Bit’O My Irish History

                      Dungarvan Harbour Today  – Waterford County Museum 827914_43f8c465

It was in the year of 1879
that my paternal grandfather, Edward Patrick Moloney
the second-born son of Margaret Mary Hannigan and
John Michael Moloney of County Waterford, Ireland
at age 16 years, this sturdy dark-haired teenage boy
teetering on the precipice of young manhood
did leave his family home in the harbor town of
Dungarvan on the south coast of Ireland
and stow himself aboard a cargo ship
bound for the seas of hope
to America

As he promised he would,
with grit, fortitude and stubborness
using his incisive mind and
the physical toughness of a large-framed
Irish teenager, he prayed the rosary
every moment in his heart
and when he was “fresh off the boat”
started hard laboring on the docks
of San Francisco 
until such
time that his savings

were enough

He sent for the entire Moloney clan
to come to the land of America,
along with their Irishly musical DNA,
their Irishly robust love of the drink,
and their Irishly diplomatic gift of the gab:
“Tell’em to go to hell and they’ll
thank you for the trip.”

Other than the minor blip of an
appendectomy at the age
of 92, my grandfather lived heartily
until he was 96, at which time, while
sitting in his favorite chair, 
simply said “I’m ready to go”
and so he did, as he
said he would

Image: © Copyright tony quilty and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence




12 thoughts on “A Bit’O My Irish History

  1. Hi Lola! I have enjoyed reading this article very much! My Grandfather and Grandmother lived in Northern Ireland on a farm near Strabane. My father came to Canada in the 1920’s and stayed to raise his family. I finally travelled over to N. Ireland to meet all my relatives for the first time in 1984; what a wonderful experience that was!
    I hope we can chat sometime. I am a new blogger here!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great article Lola. A close friend of mine Patricia , “Sky’s the Limit” , on Word Press is interested in your history as her family is from this region. Happy Easter and thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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