The Prayer: David Archuleta & Nathan Pacheco

Give yourself a glorious gift. Take a few moments out of your busy day and allow the simple (and complex) magnificence of this performance affect you. Or stay busy and have it on in the background. However you experience it, just enjoy this re-blog from Introversion Effect!
— Lola 🙂

P.S. In addition to the superb voices and musicianship, the visuals – videography, editing and set design – are of the same quality. –Lola


Introversion Effect

I’m not religious in the standard way, and tend to avoid anything overly religious.  However, I cannot help but feel that there is something so incredibly holy about the human voice in its splendor.

Here is David Archuleta and Nathan Pacheco with one of the most beautiful renditions of this song I have ever been blessed enough to hear.  I find myself playing this video two or three times a day.


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5 thoughts on “The Prayer: David Archuleta & Nathan Pacheco

    1. I’m glad you appreciate it! I was blown away by quality of the entire project, not to mention the feeling of the musical vibration in my body. Happy holidays to you and your family!

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  1. It is a beautiful song/prayer. Both in their own right possesses beautiful voices as one sings in English the other in Italian. I was going to post this on my blog and still may do so. It is all about bringing beauty to others and hopefully they will be touched like we were touched.

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