Provoking Thought


Robert Brault On Prose and Poetry:

If it doesn’t work horizontally as prose…












― Robert Brault


9 thoughts on “Provoking Thought

  1. Guess what! As I started out on WP, I had a poetic style that was actually poetic, nothing outstanding maybe but still ok. Months of looking at these prose-like poems here made me wonder…maybe my style is old-fashioned… as currently, like in modern art, there’s no set pattern or rhyme in poetry. So I was thinking of changing my style :).


  2. Wish I had a dollar for every time I have seen clunky (and grumpy and obscure) prose pretending to be poetry, just because it has weird linebreaks. It is better to write poetic prose (as in a few famous speeches by leaders like Abraham Lincoln) than prosaic poetry.

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  3. Interesting! I’m not sure about how one is supposed to “get poetry”. Always thought that the “getting it” part is individual. Something I might not like, someone else might love. Taste is so personal in all aspects of life.
    I hope to see you in the poetry class in December!!

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    1. Poetry – it’s a puzzlement to me, and that’s okay. I’m out of the loop re: a poetry class in December. I’ll check it out. Your comment reminds me of something I want to post. Watch for it … 🙂

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