I Have No Excuse #5

3 nuts in water

On that rare occasion
when I’m not sure what I’m looking at
I usually observe first, then ask.

On this occasion, I asked
and was answered:

“3 nuts in water”



12 thoughts on “I Have No Excuse #5

  1. After looking at the photo and reading the comments, I have decided to put some walnuts in a glass today on my desk as ” performance art”. I think it will be fun to look at it during the day!

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  2. There are questions, like…why? Are we supposed to cleanse the outside of walnuts before consuming? Is that what this image is telling us? Why is there a definitive rim, but no discernible glass? More importantly, why do photographers insist on taking pictures that mean absolutely nothing other than, “Gee, wow and golly…that looks so cool!”
    If a picture is worth 1000 words, then, maybe…just maybe…it would be advisable to think up them words first, and then concoct the image.
    Just sayin…


      1. Thanks for the compliment, but seriously…it’s cool and all, truly accomplished…but, why walnuts? Tomatos, apples, grapes. And why a rim but no glass? I lay away sleepless nights vexed with such questions.

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