The Uncloseted Ones

Thur Picture Prompt #34: The Eve of All Hallows’ Eve


Twenty years we were in their closet

When one day she forgot to lock it

We skedaddled right out

Destination no doubt

Our old make-out bench and we rocked it

We used to adore hot nights in this park

Outrageous parties erupting after dark

When guygirl turned husbandwife

And hid their past partying life

On a long closet stint we embarked

Now that we skeletons are free

What happens next, we’ll

Have to wait and see

Won’t we





10 thoughts on “The Uncloseted Ones

    1. Yes! I’m still working on it-I will finish it tonight. It seems so long ago that I received the prompts, I don’t know if I should post in Casual Friday or send directly to her or both or? pls advise and thank you!

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      1. Oh, please do post to the prompt. I don’t put deadlines on them, so post whenever! I’ll be sure she sees it. Glad to know you are working on it. Now…let’s get to work on Mark, eh? 😉

        Liked by 1 person

            1. FYI – I’m still not ready to post this prompt. It’s just not right yet – I love this piece too much to post it like it is. My vocabulary is so pathetically narrow, as my entire background is in the sciences. This is about love. :/

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            2. Oh you are so nice to keep me posted. Mark let me know he’s also wrestling with the same problem. Post only when you are satisfied! 🙂

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