Smooth Talker In Training


c’mon, don’t be shy
it’s not a huge deal
it’s just a balloon
well, it’s a pink balloon
your favorite color
I really like you
I want you to have it

I walked all the way
my house
carrying this balloon
just to give it to you
I’m not gonna carry it
all the way back
if you don’t want it
I’ll just have to pop it

this balloon belongs to you
only you, no one else
’cause I really like you
I kiss you?


TBPPrompt #30 HighSchool



5 thoughts on “Smooth Talker In Training

  1. Very sweet, Lola. I’m sorry your pingbacks are still not working! I’ll add this via comments to the prompt. Maybe from here on out you should do the same—like you used to do—so others don’t miss out!

    Liked by 1 person

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