First Crush ~ The Crusher and The Crushee

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “First Crush.” Who was your first childhood crush?


Picture 2

(This is my true story, including character’s name and physical description.)

It was in kindergarten,
his name was

His hair was jet black, slick,
straight and thick, as
were his perfect

His skin was smooth
with a slight sheen,
the color of rich,
fresh cream 

He was quiet, never rowdy
like the other boys; only
spoke if questioned
by the teacher

I began to notice that he
was always nearby, no
matter where I was,
there he was,
but not in a
bad way
it felt

One day, he came right up
next to me and spoke, in
a voice that matched
the color of his

“I have something for you.”
he took my hand and
placed a fifty-cent
piece in the
center of my palm,
he giggled, then I giggled
and the deal was

We giggled together all
the way to the end of the
school year, when he
moved away and I
never saw him

I can open my palm today
and see a fifty-cent piece,
exactly as it was placed
on my hand so long
ago by

I think
I hear the
giggling of two
five-year olds
in the

my thinking
is wishful


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