Lucky Star – Where’s My Blavatar?

The Daily Post’s writing prompt:“Lucky Star.”Today is your lucky day. You get three wishes, granted to you by The Daily Post. What are your three wishes and why?


I want my Blavatar back! It’s been missing from the Reader since the change to the new-fangled design.  Let me rephrase this: I NEED my Blavatar. This is an Identity Crisis situation here with the question being: who am I, without my Blavatar? Well, I’ll tell you what I look like. A pallid, barely visible, semblance of a little square that bloggers scroll right by because I now blend into the background, totally unnoticed. And if there’s anything I don’t do well, it’s blend in … especially to a background. As far as not being noticed, well, just look at my Blavatar … 

Look, I have been a good girl and followed all the proper steps to reinstate my Blavatar to the level of visibility that it deserves, and that I NEED, without success. If you will grant this ONE wish, it will be worth a thousand to me and I need no other. What do you say, Daily Post? Are ya’ up for it?



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