A Short Story Turns Into a Shirt Story and Becomes a Limerick

An Oldie Re-blog because it’s perfect for today’s Daily Prompt: “ZIP”
It’s a bit bawdy as Limericks should be
I do hope it gives you
a chuckle or three!


A virile young man wished to flirt
So he put on his “sensitive” shirt
It was soft pale pink
Which caused him to think
That he’d surely get under her skirt

He had the looks, the moves and the means
To finesse his seduction routines
But he felt like swearing
When he saw her wearing
Not a skirt, but some skinny tight jeans

He devised a new plan in his head
With charm he would delicately tread
He was good with zippers
But afraid he might rip hers
So he unzipped himself instead

Is this foreplay? she asked with disdain
Dripping sarcasm she could not contain
A silly pink shirt
Can’t hide such a jerk
From you I shall gladly abstain

He zipped up and planned his next move
To hone skills so his chances improve
Maybe switch to pale blue
Or self-touching eschew
To quickly get back in his groove

If the point of this story is unclear
Here’s a rule you may wish to adhere
If you’re tempted to flirt
With a pastel shirt
Resist it and just let him leer

THE END  (of a chance to score)  



9 thoughts on “A Short Story Turns Into a Shirt Story and Becomes a Limerick

  1. Dear Lola, this is smutty, salacious, ribald, spicy and coarse. And they are the five main reasons I like it! A top write. Very true, never trust a man in pastel shirt or any type of lycra, as my old mother used to say.
    Yours sincerely, BFG x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dear BFG, thank you for such praise, but I fear you are far too generous. Thank you for passing along the lycra warning from your mother. I shall be on the alert.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, Lola, this is funny! I think it’s one of those where you begin with a very different idea in your head but suddenly your hands take over and you don’t stop because it’s just ‘flowing’ with ease, and when done, you look back and smile a satisfied smile. I’m still smiling, it’s such a fine piece! Thanks, it’s so apt for a Sunday read!

    Liked by 1 person

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