Just Hanging Out

hanging-out-the-washing (2)

Each day in the mud he would run

You’ll be punished, his Ma warned her son  

He knew he shouldn’t

And said he wouldn’t

But hanging sideways was way too much fun



13 thoughts on “Just Hanging Out

  1. It’s every little boys dream,
    to be parallel to the ground,
    at whatever altitude,
    flying would be great,
    but rolling in the mud will do

    Thanks Lola, lovely piece. 😉

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  2. YOU DID IT! Have you seen the pingback link on the post? That’s all there is to it! EXTRA bonus points! Oh, and the limerick is very cute! Now that you know how to do it, I hope we hear from you again soon, and that you have fun responding to other blog prompt sites!

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      1. You have the Blog Propellant post’s web address (URL) at the end of your prompt and that, my friend, is what they call a Pingback! I don’t do anything! The little magic WordPress Gremlins (software computer programers) do the work from there. Did you copy it and then paste it at the end of your post?

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            1. One question – are there “rules” re how many or how often or …? If so, where on the site might I find them. Thank you!


            2. Each prompt has it’s own rules or guidelines. And, you can reply whenever you wish. I don’t put deadlines on prompts. If you want to reply a dozen times to one prompt with dozen different responses, knock yourself out!

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