Night, Night, Goldie…

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Hello, Goldilocks!.”

Write about a time you had a Goldilocks experience, exploring different choices and finally arriving at “just right.”

Just like dogs circle around
before they finally settle down
to spend another comfy night

in that perfect place they call “just right”

I do the toss, turn and reposition dance
before I ever have a chance

at that place to alight
they call “just right”

Lucky me!
Don’t you see?
I have a Goldie experience every night
when I find that place they call “just right”

2 thoughts on “Night, Night, Goldie…

    1. Thank you kindly, Barbara. Your garden is spectacular as is your husband’s art work. I loved “Third time lucky,” but could not find a “like” button. Cheers!


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