The First Place

dummy-aboutIn response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Places.”

Dungarvan, County Waterford, Ireland, from whence my paternal grandfather, Edward Patrick, the second-born son of Margaret Mary and John Michael, did stow himself aboard a cargo ship bound for the seas of hope to America in 1879 at the age of 16. This dark-haired teenage boy with sturdy shoulders and a huge prayer in his heart, did, as he promised he would, send for the entire clan, along with their Irishly musical DNA and many other notorious qualities, to come to America. And so they did.

He married Ellen Margaret, whose parents also came from the Old Sod, and together they produced seven children. This, in accordance with the holy traditions of the Catholic Church. My father was the final child and they named him James Joseph. And here I am!

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day to All!


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